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BYFOD USA - Best source for novelty flowers

BYFOD USA is your flower marketplace online, where, in a few clicks, you can find the most unique fresh and dried products from around the world. We service your floral needs thru locations in Miami, New York, LAX, Chicago, and Dallas. With our hub in Miami, we have excellent logistical service to connect with your trucking and or flight schedules.

Customer service, quality, and price point is our focus!


All products can be ordered quickly and easily via our webshop and app.

BYFOD USA  imports niche flowers for the USA market: wholesalers and supermarkets.
We import flowers from the Netherlands for customers who order flowers and want to receive them the same or the next day.
Peonies are one of BYFOD USA's main products. We import them from Israel, Morocco, the Netherlands, and Chile, and we also buy them locally.
In second place are cymbidiums and flowers from South Africa.

Peonies from Morocco: ATLAS PEONIES

These beautiful peonies' range grows in the Atlas Mountains has been carefully selected and composed with the knowledge of highly experienced peony growers from the Netherlands. They have the following characteristics:

-Due to the height of the mountains, the plants get enough of the necessary cold to produce flowers in winter.

-The light intensity in the Atlas Mountains is very high, resulting in large flowers with a deep color.

-The stems become slightly shorter but very sturdy due to this higher light intensity. Still long enough to achieve a minimum length of 50cm.

The peonies are carefully selected and packaged for the US market. The advantage is that these peonies are flown directly from the capital Casablanca to New York.

BYFOD is a cut flower export company based in Holland. We sell high-quality cut flowers to importers, wholesalers, and chain stores. It is our claim to fame that we deliver all our flowers on time. The flowers we sell come from growers in the Netherlands and other countries in Europe. Most of the growers we work with immediately pack the flowers in the units and boxes.

The advantages of this are that:

the flowers do not then need to be repeatedly removed from their packaging and then repackaged;

the flowers are sent fresh daily;

the costs are lower;

the flowers arrive in top condition.


Unique customer packaging 

For some products, we have customized packaging. As a result, these products are less susceptible to damage and spoilage. The better overall quality you can deliver as a result also means repeat orders, as your customers will be happy to order this recognizable packaging. For packaging materials, BYFOD works closely with several factories. This makes it possible to develop unique custom packaging specifically for you, even in small quantities.

Customized offer

We can supply you with attractive offers on request. All our ‘normal’ products can be ordered directly from our webshop or via our app, which you can download for free in Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store. You pay for your order by credit card. You can also complete and return a credit application. Our sales team will then contact you within 24 hours on working days.

Conditioned air freight shipments

We have been working with the same partners for our air transport for years. They know how important it is for the flowers to be transported in the right conditions (cooled) at all times. We pre-cool all our shipments to give our air freight shipments even more protection. The products for which this is possible are also vacuum cooled. For extreme heat and cold, we use temperature-resistant covers that can be used for each unit.

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